Jon von Boehm. Bass Player, Artist, Composer

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Word of Mouth: Nashville Conversations—THE3AM

This is an interview with a project I’m currently working with called the3AM. The interview was conducted by the wonderful freelance writer Lily Hansen. This was a fun interview which comes as no surprise considering how much fun we have when we all get together. You can hear more of the THE3AM at our BandCamp […]


“Romeo Kill” THE3AM

M. Gutierrez, Ben Stix, Jon Von Boehm Independent, Experimental, Liquid Drum & Bass with affected sax and vocals at its core.


Jon von Boehm “Self-Titled Release”

 Click player below! Here is my first release as a leader. Having done the session musician thing for years I decided it was time to step up and do my own thing. It has been a real joy doing it.  I have been overwhelmed by my friends and colleagues that have shown their support in […]

The Spitting Image

 The Spitting Image is a prog rock project I was part of in 2006, and this is the record that came from it. Its called Vi Vala Revolution, and you can get a copy at my store page.  Jonathan Crone  is the song writer, singer,  guitar payer, and producer of this record. As you can hear he is […]

The Scarlet Fray

Here is a killer record I played on called The Scarlet Fray. If you Like Garth Brooks and you dig Thrash/Death Metal you love this! Yes that’s right, a bunch of Garth tunes done metal. What more could you ask for? You can get it at my store.  


Performing with Charlotte Berg at the Tennessee Brew Works.

Ill be playing with Charlotte Berg at the Tennessee Brew Works this Friday at 6PM. Come on out and say hello. We will be playing music from here upcoming release that I also I had the pleasure of playing on. Click the free button for details. Did I mention they have beer?

  • 23rd.
  • December
  • 6PM Tennessee Brew Works
Sweet Honey live at The Sutler

Ill be playing with Sweet Honey at The Sutler Saloon in Nashville on the 27th. This will actually be the first time I have played with them in town as everything I’ve done with them have been road dates. This also might turn into a monthly hit so all my local friends can come out […]

  • 27th.
  • December
  • The Sutler Saloon 8:30-11:00 PM