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Jon von Boehm “Self-titled Release is out!

Hay all, the record is finally done! Go to the RecordJings section of my site to learn more about it or go to my Store page to purchase your copy. Enjoy friends!!

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New Prat Bass Endorser!

I’m proud and very happy to announce that I am now an endorser of Prat Basses! I first played a Prat Bass at summer NAMM in 2010 where they won best of show. Not only is Oscar Prat a great guy but he is an amazing luthier as well. To say I was blown away by his work when I first played a Prat bass at NAMM is an understatement. People who know me know that I am incredibly picky about how a bass plays, and Prat does NOT disappoint in the least.

  I was recently in Ohio and had a great hang with Oscar and his associate, Jim Phillips, who assists with sales and marketing for the company (Jim is also the owner of Guardian Pro Cables, which I use exclusively). Having gotten to know these guys, I have to say I am very pleased to be part of such an awesome bass family!

 You will also be able to hear Prats’ guitars on my upcoming record as my dear friend, Dann Glenn, played guitar on a cut! Let me tell ya, Dann’s Prat guitar is a thing of beauty. It plays, sounds, and looks amazing.

Check out Prat Basses Below:


  A few others using Oscar Prats’ instruments include:

Jauqo III-X

Igor Saavedra

Scott Fernandez

Jared Lees

I am part of the Phil Jones family of pure sound!


I’m now officially a Phil Jones Bass endorser.  I’m very excited about this as PJB is by far the best bass rigs I have ever played through. I have used every kind of bass amp out there both live and in the studio and Phil’s stuff is hands down the best. They produce the sound I have been after for years, and my playing feels uninhibited unlike times in the past with other amp manufactures products. There’s nothing worse than being at a gig and trying to get something out of an amp that it just doesn’t have. That’s not a problem anymore!

  These things sound Huge, and Clear. Which is why cats like Pino Palladino, and Nathan East use them. I’m defiantly pumped to get these bad boys out there on the stage and in the studio.

Be sure to go to the PJB web site to see the full amp line.

  Here’s my set up. Ill be using these in different configurations based on the  playing situation.

Super Flightcase BG-300


PJB PB-300


 PJB Bass Cub BG-100


Dann Glenn Trio

I'm now a member of the Dann Glenn Trio! Dann was in town playing on my record, and after playing so much together it just seem natural to start a trio. This will be one of 3 trios that Dann has around the country, and it's an honor to be counted among the few musicians that get to play with him in this setting. It takes a special type of player to play with DG. You need big ears, and also have no fear of completely improvised music. That's why Michael Green will be on drums. Michael is an absolute joy to play with, and because of that he is playing on my upcoming record as well. I'm very excited that he is part of this as we have played together in another fully improvised act so the chemistry is there. We plan on recording the Dann Glenn trio in the spring of 2014 so be on the look out for that. I will keep everyone posted on progress, where to buy, and where to see and hear us live. And as always, Pen dondo!

Dann Glenn

Michael Green

Jon von Boehm

Dann Glenn playing on the new record!


I’m happy to announce that Dann Glenn will be on the new record. While he is in Nashville for the recording sessions we will also do a show or two for the locals. Ill be posting dates for those as soon as they are available. Its an honor to have him on this, cant wait!

Guardian Pro Cable Endorser

I’m proud to be a new Guardian Pro Cable endorser. This company was started by fellow bass player Jim Phillips, and I have to say not only is he a great guy but his cables are the best I have used in the nearly 30 years of playing bass. I’m using Guardian for all connections on my live rig, and they go with me to all studio sessions.
  This is a brand spanking new company, and their web site will be launched soon. When it is up I’ll post a link on my gear page so all of you can visit them and of course, place orders!

New Record

My new record is in the works! Its featuring some of my favorite musicians that I enjoy playing with. Its sounding great and I’m pumped to be sharing it with you in the future. No release date as of yet, but I will let ya all know ASAP.