I've been working with Bass Luthier Matt Schmill For about 10 years now and his basses have been among my favorites in my collection. Please consider him for you next bass. You'll be glad you did, I know I am. 



I am a proud endorser of DR strings. They make the best strings in the world, and are a huge part of my sound. These are the strings I was playing when I first picked up a bass guitar, and to be endorsing such an influential string manufacturer is a great honor. Click the link below and you'll see just how many bass players agree that DR makes the best strings around. 


I'm truly honored to be considered a PJB artist. Phil Jones Bass is the most innovative company in bass amp design. I have used my PJB gear in many different situation and I can honestly say they deliver every single time. Whether in the studio or on the road my tone is always spot on with Phil Jones Bass. 



Cusack Pedals make my favorite pedals and I'm really happy to be endorsing such an awesome and innovative company. John Cusack is a genius among guitar pedal designers.