Ortus. Available March 16th 2018

"On Ortus, von Boehm’s juggernaut attacks purposely disrupts, disturbs, and disrobes the entire fallacy of a song’s classic make-up and forward fairy-tale motion." -Carol Banks Weber-  festivalpeak.com

My newest record, Ortus, is coming out March 16th.  I am eager to share it with the world. It’s been 4 years since my last record release.  My musical journey has kept me busy, but somewhere in there I managed to write songs I am proud of.  The record is inspired by my love for astronomy. If you pay attention, you'll get a chuckle out of the song titles. It is also fitting that the Great American Eclipse occurred in Nashville during the recording process. The cover photo was taken by talented photographer Ashley Marando during the eclipse. It captures the vibe of the record perfectly. This is a trio project, unlike my self-titled first record featuring 12 talented musicians from around the world. From a creative stand point, I wanted to take the less is more approach this time around. It brings more out of the musicians. You want that with the cats I have on Ortus, trust me. The album features guests for two songs, but I made sure we could recreate the vibe in a live context.  Another trio bonus – it’s so much easier for me to bring the music to you!!

Michael Green is drummer and producer. It was great to have someone I trust taking the reins so I didn’t have to worry about being over myopic. It’s been awesome to have Michael on both of my projects.  My most memorable drummer/bassist experiences are with Michael.

John Gallo is on guitar.  His feel blows me away. I considered several guitar players for Ortus – then this guy from Detroit (Gallo) walks in and proceeds to shred all my tunes. John did this with so much emotion and taste I knew he was the guy for my record. I could have had anyone, but getting young people this talented and jones'n to play can be hard. I am excited to see where John’s career takes him. You'll be impressed with what he's doing on this project.

Vuyani Wakaba is guest bass player on Soweto. His pocket and tone are killing it. I wrote the song for him and named it after the township where he grew up (Soweto, South Africa).  Our styles meshed really well here. I could play over his groove all day. Vuyani is a dear friend and the second South African musician I've had on my records. If this keeps up I think I am going to have to record the next album there!

Jessie Rose Brassfield is a phenomenal vocalist and artist. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for the last 2 years. I told her to be completely creative with her parts. Inspired by the Great American Eclipse, she recorded her vocals the day it happened – that song is Second Contact.

I hope you will enjoy this record. I look forward to my current listeners hearing the record. I hope I gain some new listeners and friends thru Ortus as well.  March 16th, 2018!


Vesto Red Shift (sample)

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